Targeting Parameters
To recap, here are the conditions available to target using parameters:
  • String Parameter – bring in CRM merge text data based on subscriber data e.g. male vs female
  • UTC Datetime Parameter – based on the datetime stamp merged in from the CRM/ESP, showing different content x time before a merged date, up until x time after merged date, from x time before a merged date or from x time after merged date. E.g. a use case would be in automated campaigns such as an offer lasts 48 hours after the welcome message 1 is first sent.
  • Numeric Parameter – bring in CRM merge numerical data based on subscriber data e.g. number of orders showing different content based on if they haven’t made an order yet or have made 10 orders.
For additional use cases, check out Appending Parameters.

For those using ESPs that don't have a quick and easy solution to showing dynamic content, use Kickdynamic.

Show different countdown timers, hero images, content or even live products based on the gender associated with the customer. Again, great to use rather than having to set up two (or more) different sends in an ESP.
In the following example, we're showing womenswear / menswear products already set up in Content Automation to the gender attributed to each customer in the ESP. As a mainly womenswear brand, you can then show the default to be womenswear and vice-versa.
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