Targeting Geo-Location
To recap, here are the conditions available to target geolocation:
  • Country – specific country at open based on GeoIP e.g. United Kingdom vs United States
  • Continent – specific continent at open based on GeoIP e.g. North America vs Europe
  • Language – specific language of operating system at open
  • GeoFence – select a geo fence radius
  • US State – specific US states at open e.g. Delaware vs Florida

Use the GeoFence selector to target a specific county, city or region when launching a new store in a new area:

When your price differs per US State, use the US State selector to ensure your customers are receiving the right prices for their local stores:

Increase customer loyalty by celebrating localised events and holidays with them. Use the Language selector to target those with their browser settings set to Chinese with Chinese New Year content.
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