Targeting Devices
To recap, here are the conditions available to target devices:
  • Device - type of device at open e.g. Android vs iPhone
  • Client - type of email client at open e.g. Chrome vs Mobile Safari
  • Reading Environment - choose between desktop, webmail and mobile
  • Operating System Family - e.g. Android vs iPhone OS
  • Operating System – more specific e.g. iOS 6 vs iOS 7

Use Case 1: CTAs

Ensure your call-to-actions are optimised by displaying mobile-friendly language such as 'Tap to Shop' or 'Tap to Read'.
For reporting purposes, it is best practice to have two main rules to differentiate those live content can detect across mobile and desktop, whilst having a default rule for ISPs such as Gmail.

Use Case 2: App Stores

Have a new app launching? Tailor your messaging to push customers to download your new app from the right app store, whether it be Google Play for Android users or the Apple App Store.
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Use Case 1: CTAs
Use Case 2: App Stores