Creating a Rule Builder Campaign

In the account, navigate to the campaign section. Choose between creating a new mailing or adding a new tag to an existing mailing by selecting the following wand icon:
Provide a name for the tag and click next. This will move into the rule builder itself:
This is where the core rules for the tag are defined. Remember, it is possible to save and revisit the tag if more time is needed when mapping this.
Remember - Each Tag must have at least one rule and the default rule to be able to save it as a complete rule.

Building the First Rule

Step 1: Set the condition

Top Tip - Rules flow from top to bottom, meaning from the first rule to the default. The Rule Builder will try and match the first rule, if there is no match it will try and match the second rule and so on until the default is displayed.
Conditions are used to determine what images or widgets are displayed based on the context at the time of open. These include Weather, Device, Date/Time, GeoIP and Parameters.
For a full description of all conditions please read our Rule Builder Overview as well as check out our use cases for each condition.

Step 2: Further building the rule

Multiple conditions per rule can be selected using the ‘+ Condition’ functionality.
When a second (and third etc.) condition is added, an ‘AND’ or ‘OR’ rule will appear to determine the logic of the rule. To change the rules of the condition, tap on ‘AND’ to change to ‘OR’ and vice versa.
If more than two conditions are being added to the rule, brackets can be added to separate the conditions.
When building out more complicated use cases, the rule builder will assist in evaluating if the formulas are built correctly. An error message will appear if the formula doesn't make sense or an approved message if the formula is correct.
Additionally, the ‘+NOT’ formula allows the exclusion of conditions. In the example below, the rule will be met if the weather is sunny but not if the temperature is over 20 degrees Celsius.

Step 3: Set the action

The action chooses the content to display based on the conditions set. The action editor allows all Kickdynamic widgets to be used (excluding Polls):
There are two types of actions to choose from:

1. Use an Image

To use a pre-built image, select ‘Image’ and then click ‘Next’. Upload an image, apply the href and select ‘Save’ to set the rule.
Top Tip - To save time you can upload multiple images for separate rules by selecting 'Upload Multiple Images' from the top-right.

2. Use a Widget

Alternatively, widgets can be used with each rule. A widget is a context or content tag that has been built separately to the rule builder e.g. Image Optimiser, Countdown Clock, Nearest Store, Social Feeds or Content Automation.
Select the category of widget to be applied to the rule and select ‘Next’ to find the specific pre-created widget to be used before saving.

Step 4: How many rules can you set up in one tag?

The first rule has now been set up! You can now set up the rest of the rules if needed.
It is possible to create multiple rules by duplicating this first rule and editing the conditions and actions or alternatively, select '+ Add Rule' to continue.

Setting the default

Rules flow from top to bottom, from the 1st rule to the default. The rule builder will try and match rule 1, if there is no match it will try and match rule 2 and so on. If the open rules don’t match any of the set rules, the default is displayed.
Top Tip - If you want to collapse / hide this section of the email for those that don’t meet the rule criteria, upload a 1x1 or 600x1 gif. This collapses the section of the email for anybody who sees the default.