Nearest Store

An introduction to Nearest Store tags with some customer examples
Leverage Kickdynamic's Nearest Store functionality for a more omni-channel approach to your marketing by driving footfall to physical locations such as stores, clubs etc.
A Kickdynamic nearest store Tag will display a map showing nearest multiple stores based on your customer’s location when they open an email to increase footfall to your stores, clubs etc.

How it works

On email open, city level location is detected displaying a city level map with pins to display local stores.
When a recipient clicks on the map they can be directed to:
  • Google maps (if using an Android device) or Apple maps (if using an iphone) with directions to the actual nearest store displaying; or
  • Google maps in a web browser on a desktop – with directions to the nearest store; or
  • A different landing page
Nearest store tags are created directly by Kickdynamic. Provide the assets listed on page 'Nearest Store Tag Requirements' and the Kickdynamic team will provide the working tag. Please allow 3 business days for this.
One step further
Using the Kickdynamic rule builder you can create rules to determine what content should be displayed to the recipient. For example, for nearest store location you could show nearest store to the recipient's location when the email is opened on a smartphone as these recipients are most likely to be on the move. When a recipient clicks through on a mobile device they are shown personalised directions to the store nearest to them. For those recipients opening the email on a PC or tablet you could show the default image for ‘find your nearest store’.
Customer Examples