Instagram FAQs

Can I create Tags if I don’t authenticate my account?

No, if you have not authenticated your account you will not be able to create any new Instagram Tags.

How can I authenticate my account?

To authenticate your account please go to Accounts - Instagram Accounts. Click “+Add Account” and you will be taken to an Instagram log in screen where you can add your credentials to authenticate the account.
Once your account is authenticated it will appear in the 'Instagram Accounts' section in the account area of the platform.
Once you have done this you will notice that there is a json content source for the Instagram account you added. This is the one which you will use to build out your live designs using the different API elements.

What is an Instagram Token?

Authenticating your Instagram account generates an access_token. These tokens are unique to a user and allow the access to the API. Instagram can expire the token at any time, or the token can become invalid if credentials for the Instagram account are changed. If the Token becomes invalid, the Instagram content will not update and will display the last cached version of images. If this occurs, please read the point below

What happens if authorisation is revoked?

If authorisation is revoked, the latest Instagram images will not appear & you may see blank images. You can check whether authorisation has been revoked in Instagram by navigating to settings in Instagram and then 'Authorised Applications'.
If Kickdynamic have been granted permission, it should look like this:
If Kickdynamic is not visible in the Authorised Applications Tab it means that permission has been revoked.
To re-grant access, login to the Instagram account you wish to re-connect. In the Kickdynamic platform, navigate to the Account section and click on Instagram accounts. Click new account. The account will automatically re-authenticate.
To test that the re-authentication has been successful, create an instagram tag, checking that it updates with the latest images from the account.

Do you store the Instagram password?

No. Authentication is managed by a token issued by Instagram which means we do not know, or store at anytime, the Instagram account password.

What if someone changes the Instagram password will it stop working?

Yes, this is mean that the authorisation token becomes invalid. You will need to re-authenticate your account.

Can I have multiple Instagram accounts connected?


Why are my images not updating?

It is likely that access has been revoked, please read question What happens if authorisation is revoked?

I connected the wrong account, what do I do?

If you need an Instagram account removing, please contact your Account Manager or [email protected].
When trying again, ensure you're logged into the correct Instagram account in another tab in your browser.