Connecting Instagram API

To create a custom Instagram template, the Instagram account must be added as an API content source in your account.
First things first... to leverage your Instagram for live content, an authorization token is required from Instagram.

How to authenticate your account:

Login to the Instagram account you wish to connect or authorize in Kickdynamic.
In a new tab, login to your Kickdynamic account and navigate to the Account section of the platform. You will find this in the dropdown under the account name in the top right hand corner.
Navigate to the Instagram Accounts area and click on '+Add Account' on the right hand side.
You will then be directed to an Instagram authorization page. Authorize Kickdynamic to access your account. You will then be re-directed back to the Kickdynamic UI and you will see your Instagram account connected in this section.
A live Instagram feed will then be available as a content source and you can start creating your custom designs in the Content Automation templates.