Creating a Poll Template

Polling Templates - Getting Started

Navigate to Templates and then Polling before creating a New Template.
Name the template and ensure to tick Anti-Alias and High-Resolution as normal.
Top Tip - It is 100% easier if you design the first answer exactly how you want it before then duplicating the styling for the other answers to keep the same formatting.
Additionally, for uniformity, try to have all polling answers as the same dimensions.
Then provide a name for the first polling option e.g. City Breaks.
Top Tip - To have a background image for polls, these must be hosted images. Images must be hosted by the individual customer on their own servers to generate an endpoint (i.e. https://....)
To add a hosted image, click on Add Block. Then replace the default language Lorem ipsum with your hosted image link, by selecting the block and pasting in the hosted link into the text space.
This will bring the hosted link into the platform, so to change it to show a hosted image change the Object Type within the Inspector.
To make sure it’s the same dimensions as pre-designed, use the Natural Size functionality highlighted below and adjust the canvas size as necessary.

Adding Voting

To show the percentages, first click on Add Block and use the formatting editor to use branded colours, fonts and formatting.
Then, select Connect Source, to ensure the poll is connecting to the live feed of numbers from clicks.
Select Content Source and unpack the feed by clicking on each option.
You then have the option to show different numerical formats depending on the use case:
  • votes – often used in Social Signals Setup e.g. ’x people are viewing this product’ which shows the number of clicks on each poll option.
  • votesPercentage – showing the percentage as a decimal e.g. 0.8.
  • votesPercentageInt – the most popular option showing the percentage of votes e.g. 80
  • votesPercentageDisplay – showing the percentage with two decimal places e.g. 80.00%.
  • totalVotes – the total votes across all answers e.g. 2
Top Tip – most use cases would use votesPercentageInt as to show the percentages without decimal places. There is then the option to suffix the number with a % in the Inspector:
Once Answer 1 is designed how you wish, select ‘Add answer’ to duplicate your settings for the Answer 2, and 3 and so on.
To change the image displayed in the next answer, change the format back to Text and replace the link with the second hosted image link. Then revert it back to Image.
Repeat for any remaining options, changing the background hosted images and naming conventions.