Creating a Countdown Timer Campaign

Once the template has been built (check out Creating a Countdown Timer template), navigate to the Campaigns section of the platform. Select a pre-existing campaign or create a new campaign.
Top Tip - If this is your first time creating a countdown timer, please check out our Best Practices.
When creating a new campaign, select ‘create a new mailing and TAG’ and select the icon for countdown timers:
Name the mailing and tag before selecting the correct pre-designed template:
Choose the landing page (including https://) for the timer and set the end time and date that it will count down to. Use the toggles to change time and date and if necessary, adjust which time zone the timer will be based on.

Swapping Out Images

It is best practice to swap out the image (and link if necessary) when the timer reaches 0. You can do this when creating the tag.
Click ‘Update Preview’ underneath the countdown clock to show the exact time remaining until the end date.
Top Tip - You have the option to make the countdown timer restart each day. A use case would be if you are offering next day delivery until 9pm each night.

Making Changes

You can update the Tag (even if it's live) if there are are any changes made to the template or a new template has been created. There is no need to change the Tag code completely in the email html. Navigate back to the campaign in question and click on the edit icon.
Make the necessary template changes / create the new template, then go back into the tag and tick ‘Change Template’ before continuing to the new page. This will automatically update the tags in the email html without changing any code.