Appending Countdown Clocks

It is possible to append a countdown clock to countdown to an end time based on the time of send or another variable such as:
Use Case 1: Show an offer valid for 48 hours from email send time Use Case 2: Show an offer valid for 30 days based on time of signup

How to append the end time for a timer?

Create the Countdown Tag following the normal steps and give the clock any end date in the future.
Rearrange the Tag's code into the following format:
Add the merge code from your ESP to populate the tag, the following date formats are accepted: yyyy-mm-dd yyyymmddhhmmss mm/dd/yyyy
An example merge code could look like the following: %YEAR%%MONTH%%DAY%%HOUR%%MINUTE%%SECOND%
Then add the number of hours required to countdown onto the end of the Tag, for example 48 hours would look like the following:
Top Tip: if you use a date stamp and not include a time stamp, the clock will count down from midnight on the specific date merged.