Live Polling & Social Signals FAQs

We get asked a lot of questions. Here's some fo the most common Polling and Social Signals FAQs.

My tag is showing a white pixel border?

When building a content automation template there may be a white boarder around the edges of the template. Firstly, be sure to set the image to '0' from Top and '0' from left in the righthand inspector menu.​‌

Once you have created your tag, it is possible to add a syntax command to the end of the tag to control the size of the block. This is a special syntax that allows users to edit a template in real time via "URL parameters" that can be merged onto content automation tags. For example, it is possible to change the font colour, font size, the position etc of any block you wish with the right command in a URL.‌

To remove the white border, you could do this with the syntax below:


Can I hide my social signals until it's reached x number of votes?

Absolutely, using the visibility commands you can ensure the votes don't appear until 100 for example. This ensures a better experience for the first customers opening the email so they don't see only '5 people are loving this bag'.

The visibility command for the above example would be %%.root['0'].votes%% > 100