Custom Fonts

As we serve images into email you're not restricted to websafe fonts. You can add your brand fonts into Kickdynamic and use them in your live images.

How to add a font

Custom fonts for each brand or company can be used in Kickdynamic. To upload a new font, navigate to the Account section in the platform and click on the ‘Fonts’ tab.
Here are all the previously uploaded custom fonts in the account. To add a font, click ‘Upload Font’ on the right-hand side to begin.
Select the required font and provide a font name before saving.

Important information when adding fonts

  • You must honour the end license agreement for the font being uploaded
  • The fonts are not limited to web-safe fonts
  • It must be a True Type Font file (.ttf)
  • It must be under 1MB (we need a font for an email, not a billboard!)
  • You cannot upload fonts with the same name, you may need to change the font name (this can be done in the UI). This can happen if you upload the bold, italic, regular versions of the same font as separate files.