Here you can see an in-depth breakdown of impressions from the account level, to a campaign and even individual tag level. This page updates every minute.

Functionality Overview:

  1. Date selection - Ability to filter global impressions by applying a date range. This is reflected in the ‘REPORTS' section.

  2. Total impressions - Reflects the date range selected. Hover over the graph to show different impression counts by day. Other tiles show the breakdown of this total into Desktop, Smartphone and Tablet. (Note: If the desktop, mobile and tablet number doesn’t add up to the total - this is because we haven’t been able to detect the device.)

  3. Device classes - Shows the percentage breakdown by viewing device - similar to the top tiles, they are using the same colouring to represent device. This shows in accordance to the date range filter applied.

  4. Most Active Countries - Shows impression break down by country.

  1. Operating System - Shows total impressions by operating system.

  2. Email client - You can look here to check your data is consistent. You can use this to differentiate between Apple mail and Apple device.

  3. Impressions Per Widget – Provides a breakdown of each widgets impressions and clicks during the time period as well as the device and operating system breakdowns.

Report Hierarchies

There are four main views for the report:

  1. Account level – Shows impressions for the entire account

  2. Campaign level - Shows impressions for all mailings and Tags in the campaign

  3. Mailing level - Shows impressions for specific mailings and Tags in the campaign

  4. Tag level - Shows the impressions for the specific Tag.

Look for the Reporting icon highlighted below at each level of the platform:

The Tag Level Report is particularly insightful as it shows the actual live images shown for this tag and details the opens and clicks for each image shown.

When viewing a tag level report, the date selection will default to the date the tag was created to ‘Today’. You can select the required date range using the date selection filters.

Widget Reporting

Content Automation Reports

You will see the live image, the opens and the clicks for each image variant and position produced by the Tag.

Image Optimisation Reports

This shows a live impression count whilst the optimisation is running with the final totals when the test is over. Displayed is the CTR for each image as well as the winning image:

Live Polling Reports

Once a poll has been set live, check the poll results to see which one had the best Click-To-Open rate, as well as live percentages and number of impressions for each image and Tag overall.

Rule Builder Reports

This shows impressions and clicks for each rule as well as the default: