Navigating in the UI
This page details the easiest way to move around the Kickdynamic UI.

The main navigation

The navigation in the platform is formed of 5 main areas. Similar to an ESP, the platform is split into sections to manage Campaigns, Templates and Reporting. You will also find an area for Content Sources (for connecting feeds) and Real Time (a real-time world map of where your images are being viewed).


Upon logging into the Kickdynamic platform you will be in the campaign area. This is where you can find your tags. Within a campaign you will find your mailings. Mailings can be used for specific emails. For example, if you have a 3 step welcome series, you might name the campaign 'welcome series' and then have three mailings in the campaign, one for each of the emails.
We recommend using the same naming conventions within Kickdynamic campaigns and mailings as you do in your ESP.


This is your template library and where you design the custom live images you wish to create. Rather than designing a live image per campaign, we have created a library so that you can easily reuse or edit templates for efficiency. In this section of the platform there is a secondary navigation where you can select which template type you would like to view.
For more information about how to create templates, navigate to the template type you wish to create.

Content Sources

The content source area of the platform is where you can connect feeds. This is a library area which contains all of your feeds. You can also add new content sources here.


This is the main reporting area of the UI.

Real Time

This is a real-time view of where your live images are being viewed in the world. You will see a world map with live images pinging around the world. On the left there is a live steam of tags being opened in each country, and on the right there is a live stream of the type of tag and the impressions per minute.
Last modified 1yr ago