How to Create a Campaign

What is a Campaign?

A Campaign is the parent level of organisation which can contain multiple mailings and multiple Tags. A campaign example could be 'Welcome Series' containing a series of different emails with multiple tags.

What is a Mailing?

A Mailing is the child layer of a campaign and each one can contain multiple Tags. Following the Welcome Series example, the first mailing could be 'Welcome UK Email 1' with subsequent emails having their own mailings. It is normally the same as a email message in your ESP.

Creating a Campaign - Getting Started

Upon logging in, you will see the campaign screen. This is where you can create your first Kickdynamic Tag!
Start by clicking on 'New Campaign'.
Once you have a named and created your campaign you will be taken to the campaign manager to create mailings and build Tags.
Top Tip – for simplicity, we recommend using the same naming conventions as your ESP
To create the first mailing, hover over the '+' sign. The widget drop-down menu will appear. Click on the widget type that you wish to create. Work through the steps to create a mailing and then a Tag.
Any questions please contact the team here - [email protected].
Last modified 1yr ago