Platform Overview

Kickdynamic enables users to create live images for use in email. The platform is built to enable users to create everything they need to directly in the UI with no customization.

What is Kickdynamic?

Kickdynamic is a powerful open-time marketing platform that embeds with your current email HTML to display the most contextual, highest converting and up-to-date content at the time of open.
The platform enables marketers to move from sending manual and static campaigns, to a fully automated email containing engaging and relevant content that is personalised to each individual recipient.
We automate the email, with content automatically changing at open time with no manual update. We personalise, showing endless personalised email versions from one html piece of code. We ensure relevancy by personalising by location, device, time, social and weather at the time of open.

What are Live Images?

Having images live within emails means rather than being updated statically at the time of send, rather served at the exact time the recipient opens the email. The images are served in under 400ms, dependant on the feed. This could mean an email they open at 11am could look very different at 2pm or the next day.
Using the Kickdynamic widgets, you can use context to personalise based on device, location, weather, time or social at the time of open.
Here are examples of how our customers use our technology within their emails: