Kickdynamic blocks will be one solid colour as standard. This page walks you through how to add gradients to your designs.
It is possible to add a gradient to your design to create a fade effect using two colours. Here's a personalized image example:
And another:
To add this effect, create your image and name the block you with to apply the gradient to in the 'Blocks' section in the template editor e.g.:
name block labeled as 'firstname' in block manager
The gradient information is applied after the tag is created so you can select your font and size for the block but there's no need to add colour styling to your block.
Create your tag and then apply the following syntax to the end of the tag:
Replace block name with the name of your block e.g.:
You can choose the colours you wish to use by adding the hex code.
Here's an example image tag:
You ca