Mobile Overview

Use Kickdynamic's technology for mobile marketing. Add automated, personalized and contextual content to rich push notifications and in-app messages.
Kickdynamic technology works with any system that supports HTML messaging. In short out technology is agnostic allowing us to seamlessly be used across different providers and channels. We can deliver relevant, personalized content in email, push notification, in app pop up, in-app and on site.
For email, push & in-app popups this content is served via a Kickdynamic image tag. The image tag is an HTML snippet, that consists of an href and an image src. When the tag fires (i.e. the image is served in the message) the business rules run and the correct image is displayed.
Kickdynamic Tags can be added to any HTML based message (subject to your provider support). Here's an example of a rich push notification containing a live 3-day weather forecast:
Live 3-day forecast in push notification