API feed

Kickdynamic live-images make an API call to fetch the latest content at the time the email is opened. Business rules are setup, in the interface, to define what content to fetch based on user information, time of open, and other personalization factors required.

Kickdynamic can call an API to retrieve the required data. We have customers using a number of APIs from 3rd party tech partners, as well and APIs built in house.

We offer a lot of flexibility working with APIs. You can either setup one API to power latest deals for example, or you can create a '1-2-1' API that allows for variable parameters for personalization. You can connect an API directly into Kickdynamic to retrieve data.

The API should be structured with 1 array with 1 element. All data and attributes for one product should be within one element. All data field names should be unique. The API response should be as quick as possible and must be under 400ms.

When creating the content source we are very flexible. We allow as many different types of content sources as possible. We don't impose a specific protocol. We work with both http and https.

Here is an example API format:

"Products": [{
"Id": "123456789",
"Name": "Product 1",
"ProductDisplayName": "Product 1",
"NameSpecifications": "Product 1 - 1000 pieces",
"CategoryName": "Entertainment",
"Manufacturer": "Puzzle Maker",
"Price": 10.00,
"OriginalPrice": 15.00,
"Saving": 5.00,
"CampaignLabel": "BESTSELLER",
"ProductUrl": "http://www.yourdomain.co.uk/product/123456789",
"ProductImageUrl": "https://yourdomain.co.uk/image/123456789.jpg"
"Id": "987654321",
"Name": "Product 2",
"ProductDisplayName": "Product 2",
"NameSpecifications": "Product 2 - colouring book",
"CategoryName": "Entertainment",
"Manufacturer": "Colour Maker",
"Price": 1.00,
"OriginalPrice": 6.00,
"Saving": 1.00,
"CampaignLabel": "NEW",
"ProductUrl": "http://www.yourdomain.co.uk/product/987654321",
"ProductImageUrl": "https://yourdomain.co.uk/image/987654321.jpg"

APIs can be added directly into the Kickdynamic UI with no customization required. For more information jump to Content Automation > Adding Feeds.

Testing APIs

You can add and test APIs in the Kickdynamic UI, however if the API is slow to respond it may time out. In order to build and serve an image into an email quickly the API must respond quickly. We will wait for 1 second after calling the API. If we do not retrieve the data in that time, we will time out.

We recommend using a pool called Postman to test API speed. This is a handy app that provides API response time and makes it easy to test and see API data.

API testing steps to follow

If API is slow/default image being returned you can test the following:

  • Add API in postman with default parameters

  • Test API in postman

    • Carry out multiple tests to determine average speed

    • Test API with personalized variables to see if 1-2-1 calls are slower

    • Establish if first call is slow then a cache kicks in

Image load time:

If experiencing product image slowness (or blank image in KD tag) test image load time in browser using developer tools.