CRM data & product feeds
Product feeds can be used in conjunction with CRM data to automate dynamic content and personalization.
Building dynamic content in an ESP can be complex and take a lot of time, particularly when the content is product based and requires there's a lot of HTML intricacy. There's also a limit to the number of dynamic versions it is possible to create manually. Leveraging your ESP preference data and product feeds, it is possible to automate dynamic content and generate unlimited email variations from 1 HTML.
Imagine that you are a retailer with 15 different product categories and you want to send an email personalized to each subscriber's preference. That's 15 versions of the email you'd need to create, or 15 dynamic content sections. If that email contains 9 products, that's a lot of coding and will take a lot of time.
Dynamic preference data can be merged into the Kickdynamic tag (via a merge code) to automate this dynamic content. We simply take the content merged into the tag and match it to the content in the chosen field in the product feed. You can then layer on additional business rules such as show the newest products in each category, that have more than 3 in stock. You can completely tailor these rules to your business needs.
At send time your ESP inserts the preference into the Kickdynamic tag and we automatically populate the email with the latest personalized content at every open.
This saves significant time and the open time benefit is that content updates live so product inventory and newness is always reflected.
The data in your ESP must match the data in the feed.
For example if subscriber A last browsed 'dresses' the data in the ESP and the product feed category must contain 'dresses'.
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