Protocol Support

We want customers to be able to connect to as many content sources as possible so we don't impose a specific protocol. We work with both http and https (it depends on what you write in the endpoint).
If you are seeing an error check that your endpoint is correct (http or https). If you use http in the endpoint and your server only accepts https then we can't fetch any data and will return an error. However you can quickly and easily change this in the endpoint within Kickdynamic.

Can I add authorization to an API call?

Yes. When creating the content source it is possible to add a header or token to grant Kickdynamic access to retrieve the content.

What is the maximum size for the API?

There is no maximum size. API suitability is determined by response speed. If an API takes a minute to respond, we will not be able to retrieve the content fast enough to then build and serve the image live into the email. In this case we would have to wait 1 minute to get the content and then we would build and serve the image in under 400ms. In reality a subscriber would not wait this long to see the image in the email. Therefore the API response should be as quick as possible - our ideal scenario is a response time that is under 400ms. In reality we will time out after 1 second and serve a default image from our cache (image built from the last successful call) into the email.

How should the API be structured?

The API should be structured with 1 array with 1 element. All data and attributes for one product should be within one element. All data field names should be unique. T

Common Usecases

Really, the sky is the limit with what's possible using an API. Here's some of the most common usecases from our customers:
  • Product Recommendations
  • Latest Deals (retail & travel)
  • Personalized holiday recommendations
  • Live car hire pricing & availability
  • Activities in destination
  • Live currency exchange rate
  • News updates
  • TV schedules
  • Live medal tables for events
  • Live scores
  • Live odds for sportbooks
  • Live loyalty points
  • Shipping updates
  • Latest social content (Instagram / Twitter)
  • User generated content (3rd party)
  • Product / company reviews (3rd party)