Events Monitor

A real-time activity streaming hub.
The 'Events Monitor' area of the UI allows you to see your webstore interactions in real time. Click on the 'Open shop in test mode' blue button, this will open your website in a new tab.
Events Monitor in
You will notice that the URL you are directed to contains a parameter 'kdTestMode=true'. This allows us to identify you and surface your activity data. Now browse around your site; view products, navigate around categories, add products to your cart.
Go back to the Events Monitor and you will see your activity stream in real time. You will see thumbnail images of products viewed/added to cart. On the right-hand side you will see the events timeline. Clicking the 'Raw data' toggle will show the timeline information as raw data.
Events Monitor activity when browsing site and taking actions. This data appears in real-time.
Last modified 2yr ago