The dashboard is where you can find real-time reporting and analytics.
On the real-time tab of the dashboard you will find a live view of you site activity for today.
The number of item views, current value of products in carts and the total value of purchases update live.
Real-Time dashboard showing live site activity
In the cart section you will see the live value of all products in carts at the current time, alongside the number of items that relates to. The purchases section shows the value of purchases on site today alongside the number of orders and the average order value (AOV).
As you view this data, it will update and change in front of your eyes!
The dashboard also contains the total number of API calls today, split by type:
API calls dashboard area
The real-time views per minute report* showcases the per minute real-time item views in the last 10 minutes:
Real-time item views per minute
*Note: Data is aggregated by minute so upon opening this dashboard data may not be visible. After one minute the first minute of data will be visible and will continue to be displayed each minute thereafter.
You will also see reports for Real-time views. This can be sorted by category to show the number of views for products on site. The report is ranked by the product with the most people viewing it right now. Selecting all categories provides real-time views on products across all categories.
Real-time purchases shows the most recent products purchased on site.