Also viewed items

Recommends items that are related to the item that's being/been viewed. People that viewed item A, also viewed these other items.

Navigate to 'Playground' in the left hand menu and then select the recommender logic you wish to use - in this case 'Also viewed items'.

Once selected, the recommender configuration options will appear below.

Item ID

You can input an item ID to get items that are also viewed with that item.

item id input option

If you click 'SELECT ITEM FROM CATALOG' you will be taken to a search area where you can search for products. There is also the option to select from the user's recently viewed items:

Note: the default here is the test user id so you will see products the test user has browsed.

Change User

You can change the current user by clicking on 'CHANGE USER' and inputting a different userId:

changing userId

UserId - why is it needed?

The userId is optional for this recommender. If you include the userId in the recommender the output will remove products that the individual has previously purchased.

Days Span

You can also alter the Days span for the recommender to retrieve products also viewed in the last N days. Simply slide the slider and set it to the time period required - 24 hours, 7 days or 30 days are the most popular.

days span slider

Select Attributes

Now you can select the attributes you want to include in the API response - typically these are everything you want to include in your design in your email or on site. Standard fields include:

  • Product image

  • product title

  • product url

  • price

  • sale price

  • quantity / availability

  • gender / category information


You can apply filters to the recommender to filter out any unwanted products. For example, you may want to only show products from 'Womenswear' or from a specific product category, or to filter out any sale items. For more information about filtering, click here.

Run your Recommender

Once you have configured your settings you can run the recommender by clicking on the green play button. The top 10 also viewed items with the itemId input viewed items will appear in graph view:

You can view the output in different views by clicking on 'Grid view' or 'JSON view'.

View the API call

To view the API call, simply click on the green API call button. You can then use this API call as required.

Create Recommender

To create the recommender, click on the green 'Create Recommender' button. You can now create your recommender by working through the steps. Insert a description and click save.

Creating your recommender

You will now be able to view your recommender in the 'Recommenders' section of the UI:

Recommenders section of UI

Click on the eye icon to view more information about the recommender:

Recommender details

Clicking on the blue pencil icon will take you back to the playground to edit the recommender. Make the changes required and click on the 'Update Recommender' option. This will pull the cahnges through to the saved recommender.

You can duplicate the recommender by clicking on the duplicate icon and delete recommenders by clicking on the bin icon.

Exporting to Kickdynamic

To export the Recommender to Kickdynamic, click on the feed icon:

Export API to Kickdynamic

This will open the content source creator. Add a description, default itemid and userid and click 'Create'.

Content Source Creator

The content source will automatically appear in the content source area of your Kickdynamic account. You are then able to use it to build live image templates for email.